• Product design
  • Tool design
  • Composites design

We work with first level suppliers in projects
of field leading companies such as:

- Aernnova - Airbus - Aciturri
- Reductia - Embraer - Bombardier
- Boeing
headlamps automotive


  • Product design
  • Component development
  • Parts industrialization
  • CATIA and NX
  • Plastic injection
  • Manufacturing process

We work, among others, for:

Argolabe clients
Tool design


Tooling design, analysis and development mainly in wind energy and aeronautics tools. We provide technical support in product development and finished products.
wind turbine blade

Renewable energy

  • Integral development of wind turbines
  • Components development
  • Static and fatigue structural analysis
  • Control system development
  • Aeroelastic simulations
  • Composites design
  • Advanced surfaces design
  • Manufacturing process
  • Tool design and manufacturing
  • Our own product.100kW wind turbine: T100

Engineering solutions

Product development

Integral product development, from Conceptual design, 3D design, Mechanical analysis, industrialization, technical drawings, documentation, quality management and technical support (plastic injection, casting, sheet metal, etc.).

3D design

Experts in the most advanced 3D software design such as Catia v5 and Siemens NX, industrial standard for aeronautics and Automotive. Catia V5, Siemens NX

Mechanical analysis

Static and fatigue structural analysis with finite elements, FEM, for metal and composite structures.

Tooling development

We have high experience in development of a wide variety of Toolings for several areas like wind turbines, aeronautics, automotive, etc. We provide engineering development as well as turn-key products.

Technical consulting

We provide technical solutions on design and manufacturing for metallic, composite and plastic materials.

Energy consulting

Electric bill optimization: customized study and continuous service to ensure the maximum electric saving.


We perform all kind of projects, in different areas: aeronautics, automotive, wind turbines, civil engineering, etc. We offer a high level of experience, accessibility and flexibility.


We offer the possibility of training and advising teams in different tools and work methodologies: Catia V5, ANSYS, Siemens NX, composite, die-manufacturing, aeroelastic simulations, etc.

100kW wind turbine. T100

Wind turbine design

In the field of renewable energies, Argolabe Ingeniería commercialize an in-house designed 100kW wind turbine. This medium-sized wind turbine is meant for distributed generation and/or electric self-consumption applications.

T-100 wind turbine is the best energy solution for electric self-sufficiency in a wide range of applications: factories, water pump and treatment stations, desalination plants, farms, wineries, harbors, quarries, public infrastructures, holiday resorts, isolated or remote locations, etc.

This power generation solution allows the utilization of local renewable resources to reduce electricity bill and the environmental impact of the facility.

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